I believe that a home is an extension of the people who live in it.  A space with good design has the ability to make the day-to-day life of its inhabitants not only easier and more comfortable, but also much happier.  A space should reflect the personality of the people who use it.  It should be a place where you are excited to come home to every day because of the feeling you get just by walking through the door, and the feeling that stays through the multitude of experiences the space provides. 
A well designed home can handle the chaos and mess of family life, but also dress up for special occasions.  It should be a warm hug on a cold dreary day and a breath of fresh air when it is sunny and bright out.  Our surroundings can greatly affect our quality of lives, the extent to which many of us don’t even realize. 

With this in mind, I believe that everyone should try to achieve functionality and beauty in their home but, building from scratch, starting a renovation or redecorating a room can be a daunting task.  Sometimes the overwhelming number of choices to be made can cloud your vision and the final product can stray from the original goal for the space and, of course, the budget.  This is where I come in.  Let me get to know you and your family’s needs.  I will help you to sort through your wants and desires, and make sure your taste, personality and habits are reflected in your home while sticking to the ever important budget.  I believe that anyone on any budget should have a space that works for their lifestyle that they are happy to call home.   


Water home Renovation

This home was once a red brick side split with burgundy carpets and closed in spaces.  The client wanted to maximize the views and the feeling of light in the main living area.  The roof was completely removed and replaced with scissor trusses creating a cathedral ceiling with a shed dormer cutting into it. 



This home has a unique floor plan because its best views are from the windows on the front of the house.  The open floor plan with living space on the front allows for sight lines from every space to the front views.  The clients wanted to maximize the windows from every room in their home since the secondary views are all around the house are also very nice.



The clients for this home wanted something a little different than the typical home being built in the area at this time.  They wanted it to feel charming and warm without using materials such as stone and brick.  We settled on a rich dark blue siding colour which is offset  by contrasting white trim and warm wood doors.  The client also wanted to maximize views to the back of the home and make the living room feel spacious and light.  I had them change their roof from the typical flat roof to scissor trusses and a shed dormer.

This home is in the framing stage and photos will be updated as it is built.


Raised Ranch New Build

This home was a new build with a set plan and budget.  The client knew that he wanted something a little different but wasn't sure what.  Together, we went to each of the suppliers and sourced every detail that he was allowed to choose both inside and out.  I also provided him with a budget friendly vision board to help put the finishing touches on the home with furniture. 



This home is a custom country home with beautiful views from every angle.  The clients wanted large principle rooms with plenty of space in the kitchen dining area.  The secondary entry was to have access to the office for clients to come visit without walking through the whole home.